Chocolate + Dogs = Risky business

We all love Easter for one very good reason… the chocolate it brings!

Celebrating Easter every year with family is common and we all know our dogs are part of the family, so that makes it just as tempting to spoil them with chocolates on Easter morning as much as we do our human family.

Don’t be fooled though as there is a big danger that comes with feeding dogs the same type of chocolate that we eat.

Some might disagree, thinking back to a time when they’ve noticed a dog enjoying a small amount of chocolate with no ill effect but that is just the beginning.

According to veterinary experts, eating a speck of chocolate leads a dog to crave more. It can mean that your dog will jump at an opportunity to get any type of chocolate, not knowing that certain chocolates are more lethal than other types. Larger amounts of chocolate, particularly of the most toxic type, can bring about epileptic seizures in some dogs, and in all dogs, can kill.

So WHY is chocolate lethal? Chocolate contains theobromine. A naturally occurring stimulant found in the cocoa bean, theobromine increases urination and affects the central nervous system as well as heart muscle. While amounts vary by type of chocolate, it’s the theobromine that is poisonous to dogs.

Luckily I’ve found some great products which will ensure dogs have a happy but safe Easter with a more ‘dog friendly’ type of chocolate. Stay posted for my Easter gift ideas!


One response to “Chocolate + Dogs = Risky business

  1. I agree; if you’re animal owner, you’ve got to know what is around the house! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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