About Active Dogz

Active Dogz is about real, first hand information and experiences. I live my life with my two dogs constantly by my side. There is never any question about meeting their physical or mental needs. I began Active Dogz in the hope that you would find a common ground.

Any opinions expressed here are my own and any advice given is that which I know has worked with my own dogs. I hope I can give you inspiration, guidance, encouragement & the want to become a better dog owner.

It’s not your right to own a dog, it’s your privilege and everyone can learn a valuable lesson from a dog. If you watch the way they whole heartedly forgive and forget, not just once, but every single time. The way they just live life and get on with things. They never hold a grudge and although you try teaching them from an early age to stay with you, if you ever tried losing them you couldn’t – Carlie

“Dedicated to all the dogs around the world who are just being”