Rufus & Coco Tear Stain Away

So why the sad face?

If you own a Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Golden Retriever or any other dog with a white or light colored coat you are probably more than familiar with the wet, red/brown patches, also known as tear stains, which can develop under the eyes and spread to the mouth and feet.

Tear staining begins with excess tearing, a complication in some breeds which is more than likely genetic. When the area around the eyes becomes damp it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. The most common yeast infection is Ptyrosporin, also known as Red Yeast, which causes staining as well as a slight odour.

Once a ptyrosporin infection begins it can eventually cause an oral infection. The most common evidence of an oral yeast infection is red staining on areas that are not naturally wet, but are often licked, like the paws and sides of the mouth.

The experts at Rufus & Coco have noticed your dogs’ tears and have produced the perfect solution. Made without antibiotics to prevent antibiotic resistance building in your pet, Tear Stain Away was created so you could use a healthier alternative.

So how does it work? Tear Stain Away contains an active mild antiseptic derived from coconut oil which acts on the bacteria and fungus that cause the stain and an active anti bacterial / anti fungal agent which breaks down red yeast. Used daily until the staining has completely faded, it will leave your furry friend looking happy!

Before & After using Rufus & Coco Tear Stain Away

The experts at Rufus & Coco recommend keeping the fur around your dog’s eyes short and combed out and regular application of Tear Stain Away to prevent the stains from coming back. Tear Stain Away may also aid in the removal of staining on the paws and other areas.

Rufus & Coco Tear Stain Away is available at your local Woolworths for RRP $14.95 or you can buy direct from Rufus & Coco here.


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