Forum – FuzzYard Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner



One response to “Forum – FuzzYard Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. OH! Fuzzyard 🙂
    I have just used this pack & product! First thing’s first I have to say I loved the smell of both the shampoo & conditioner, at first I wasn’t sure how the basil would smell, but it diffidently all works!
    As I own a long coat Border Collie & a Pomeranian, I use a little bit of shampoo as you can imagine ( lol ) but defiantly more on my Border Collie, the only thing I didn’t really like was the shampoo has a low suds capacity, so i found i had to use that little bit more to feel he was getting clean!
    In regards to the conditioner I just loved it!!! The smell of the lavender is just lovely and its such a nice smooth conditioner! I could defiantly feel and see it working on both my dogs!
    In regards to the micro fiber towel, defiantly a good towel to have! such a nice little bonus in the pack, it defiantly took most of the water out of both of my dogs coats! im finding im now taking it along when we go for our beach swims! great to get that last bit of water off, before getting in the car! … and the toy! well that’s just fun! it lasted a whole hour between the both of them but they loved it!
    All in all, a great pack! what a nice gift for a friend who has dogs!
    In regards to future buying, im not that keen on the shampoo only due to how much I had to use, but I love the conditioner!!!
    I enjoy the Fuzzyard range! more than anything, they smell amazing =)

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