Introducing the new Active Dogz

Over the past few weeks Active Dogz has undergone some changes and now I’m very excited to show you the new Active Dogz.

I love blogging about all things dogs and will continue to provide important and relevant information on topics of interest. Articles which I have posted can still be accessed through the categories on the left of the page.

I have introduced a new element to the website in the form of a Product Guide and also a Product Forum. Please note these are still a work in progress.

Product Guide

The guide which is made up of product categories will assist anyone who is looking to find the best in Toys, Flea & Tick, Grooming etc for their dog by listing my recommendations.  It will provide an easy reference for anyone who is new to dog ownership and the products in the guide will have been tried & tested or used by myself and throughly researched so you can have faith in the products I’ve listed!

Product Forum

The forum will focus on providing product specific information and feedback. This section allows you to write your own review on a product you have used or are presently using. It also gives others a chance to read the opinions and feedback on a product before making the decision to purchase the product themselves.

To use the product forum:

You can access the product forum 3 ways –

  1. Click on the Product Listing A – Z tab under the Product Forum on the left and scroll through the list alphabetically. Click on the product name to be taken directly to that product feedback.
  2. Scroll through the forum to view all products with available feedback. The forum is also located on the left.
  3. Use the Search tool and search the whole website for specific term results.
  • To leave your feedback on a product simply write in the comment section at the bottom of the page or fill out the form provided and your feedback will be added.
  • If you can’t find the product you’re after you can fill out the form provided and the product will be added to the forum.

I have also made some minor layout changes and will continue to improve these over the coming weeks. Suggestions on any other additions which you think may be of value to the website are greatly appreciated. In the mean time please help me get this product forum up and running by adding your feedback.

I hope you enjoy!!