WIN WIN WIN Paw Fashion – 3D paw sticker giveaway

Nothing says “I love dogs” more than dog related fashion. In this case I’m talking about PAWS. I’ve seen them on clothes, as tattoos, made into jewellery and heck, I have even had them drawn and painted onto my surfboard. All of these are a constant reminder to us of our four-legged, fun-loving, free-spirited friends.

For all of those who wish to join me in making an “I love dogs” fashion statement, I have 4 x 3D paw sticker packs to giveaway thanks to My Car Fashion. Each pack contains 1 pair of chrome 3D paw stickers valued at $9.95 each. Make your statement stand out on your car, lap top or phone.

Competition entry is easy. Simply fill in and submit the form below – Good Luck!

Winners will be notified Friday 10th August.

To view the full range of products visit My Car Fashion.




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