Bolt film review + inspiration

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Bolt for the very first time since the movie was released in 2008. I guess I get a little nervous about watching films which include animals as part of the cast for fear that the animal may end up hurt or dead. Bolt was no different – I should have known better – but I thought it was about time I cut to the chase and stopped being such a baby, after all, it’s only a movie.

Real or animated characters make no difference to me either. A great film is one that can take real life emotion and portray it through animation.

I won’t lie, there were a few instances where my heart sunk deep into my chest and my hand automatically grabbed at my shirt as if to pull my heart back into place. There were also a few, I said a few, tears in precious moments. It’s so easy to relate to this film if you love your dog the way Penny loves Bolt but it’s an amazing feeling to imagine that our dogs love us as much as Bolt loves Penny!

The thing I love about films like this one is that we get to imagine things from an animals point of view. Their thoughts, feelings and reasons behind their actions. It really gives me inspiration to be the best animal owner I can be and to give my animals what they deserve which is a life of love and a feeling of freedom. Just as the saying boys will be boys goes – dogs will be dogs.

There is no home like the one you’ve got ’cause that home belongs to you.


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