Give a dog a bone

Enjoying some natural essentials

Should dogs eat bones?

This is one question which is often asked by many upon brining a new dog into the home.  No matter who you ask, they will always give you one of three possible answers, YES, NO or SOMETIMES.

Me? Well I am a true believer in that RAW bones are good for many factors of a dog’s health but most importantly their way of life.

Dogs are carnivorous and we rarely give them the essential meaty nutrients they require. Bones have been proven to keep teeth clean and maintain a balance of essential proteins and minerals they can’t get from their wheat based dog food – by the way, since when has wheat been dog food?

Dogs have been domesticated for hundreds of years now and although we think we have come up with the best and most complete dry dog food biscuit, nothing compares to a true doggy dinner of raw animal meat and bones including liver, heart and intestines, after all it is a dog’s natural instinct to go for these delectable body parts before anything else.

Dogs that eat bones generally tend to just gnaw on the bone, no fuss.

Choosing a suitable raw bone for your dog is easy and if you are new to it or unsure I have 1 rule I go by – always ensure the bone you are giving is bigger than the dog’s mouth that is eating it, therefore restricting the ability to have it swallowed and saving a trip to the doggy doctor.


  • Once you have provided the dog with the bone (or any type of food), do not then take it away then give it back (repeatedly) thinking you are claiming your dominance and curing your dog’s food aggression at the same time. This will only create confusion in the dog’s mind and could reinforce the aggression.
  • Cure your dog’s natural habit – if your pooch is known to be a serial chewer on your personal belongings and household items then a delectable bone can become the perfect substitute not to mention mouth watering distraction.
  • There are certain hazards with feeding cooked bones so to keep your pooch in tip top shape best to steer clear and always go for raw instead.
  • Once your dog has finished with the bone they may decide to bury it and save it for later. At this point it may be wise to throw it out, especially with 2 dogs or more, to save any arguments between dogs which may occur once the bone has been dug up.

One response to “Give a dog a bone

  1. Hi Carlie

    Couldn’t agree more … bones are essential for calcium intake as well. There is no such thing as a good dry dog food … dogs in tehir natural environment didn’t exist in wheat, corn, preservatives & manufacturer supplements! Get back to the basics of natural unprocessed, preservative free food & see all our canine friends live longer healthier lives.

    As you can see, like you we are passionate about good dog nutrition .. keep up the good work Carlie

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