Easter gift ideas – ‘Dog friendly’ of course

Lucky for dogs, these days we have a great and very wide range of ‘dog friendly’ goodies available! That is, goodies which can be safely devoured by dogs without the stress and worry that what they’ve eaten may do some damage.

You can rest assure that this Easter will not be an exception in the giving of goodies to our dogs! Our four legged friends will have good reason to give us those winning puppy dog eyes and whip, wagging tails when they get scent of these tasty, specialty treats.

Here are my Easter gift ideas…

Pampered Pooch Parties have once again created a fantastic range of ‘dog friendly’ specialty treats and biscuits for our dogs this Easter and all at a great price.


Clockwise from top left: Easter Egg Surprise $4.50 each, Easter Mini Cupcakes $1.50 each or 4 for $5.50, Easter Bunny Biscuit Treats $6.00 for a pack of 5. For enquiries or to order simply email pamperedpoochparties@hotmail.com and be sure to check out the full range of Easter goodies by visiting their Facebook page HERE

This year Diamond Dog Food & Bakery have baked doggy Easter Eggs – delicious liver flavoured eggs topped with healthy carob & yoghurt $6.50 each and festive Hot Cross Puppies – ginger & cinnamon doggy buns (without the sultanas!) drizzled with yoghurt & carob $4.90 for a pack of 2.


For more details or to place an order visit their website by clicking HERE

New to the market, The French Pawtisserie will have your dogs howlin’ for more with their all natural, homemade dog treats and biscuits. This Easter they have bags of  little carob eggs $2.00 for a bag of 10 and medium size egg wrapped in cellophane or tissue paper $2.00 each.  Their prices of eggs will range from 20 cents (little ones) to $4.00 for the large. They are also baking Hot Cross Buns – doggy style with real beef pieces and cinnamon with a yoghurt cross $1.00 each. Talk about crazy prices!


For more details or to place an order visit their website by clicking HERE

Please take advantage of these amazing ‘dog friendly’ Easter treats and ensure that your pooch has a safe Easter!

Get your orders in now!!


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