The ultimate in comfort & security when it comes to pet travel

I’ve just been introduced to Sleepypod Australia, the ultimate in comfort and security when it comes to traveling with pets.

Having travelled around Australia with my own dogs, I know the importance of a product which can help ease the sometimes difficult task of traveling with our four legged friends. To cart around EVERYTHING you need for your pet can become frustrating and space consuming but we do what we have to, to ensure that our pets are comfortable whilst on the road.

Sleepypod Australia have a range of quality products specially designed with your pets comfort and the ease of traveling with pets in mind.

Famous for its multi-use as three products in one, a safe car seat, a pet bed and a pet carrier, the Sleepypod is an award winning pet carrier for modern day living that provides security and comfort for smaller pets at home and on the go. The range, available in six fashionable colours blue, chocolate, red, black, pink and white, is set to have our favourite four-legged friend’s tails wagging with its sleek design, luxury finish and world first safety standards.

The Sleepypod is suitable for pets up to 7 kg (I did try to convince myself more than once that the Border Collie is a small breed of dog). Check out their additional range of plush accessories and alternate travel pods by visiting their website HERE

Sleepypod Australia are also running a competition where you could WIN a Sleepypod. Click HERE to enter before March 31st or follow their blog Pet Travel Tails.

Seriously people, just look at some of these photos… nothing demonstrates comfort, security and style more than the Sleepypod.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meanwhile I think we may just have to stick to the old fashioned way of travel…


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