Happy You, Happy Dog… HAPPY COW

Ever go for a walk but find yourself not enjoying it because either your pockets are full and weighing you down or your hands are juggling many items such as keys, phone, drink bottle & money – not to mention the leash you have to hang onto, throw in the dog treats and tennis ball and you’ve got yourself one hell of a frustrating walk!!

I understand the frustration and so I’ve found the perfect solution to turn those nightmare walks into something much more easy, think smooth, soft leather, think Happy Cow

This Leather Hip Bag is ultra convenient and combines fashion and functionality. The super stylish way to carry all of your bits and pieces when out and about and especially when walking the dog! The best part being it’s made from quality recycled leather which means it’s animal friendly. Just what I love!!

Not only is the Hip Bag handy for walks but I made sure it was THE perfect bag for every exercise involving dogs, so I put it to the test and also wore it whilst riding a bike, skating and running. I was delighted at how stylish and comfortable the Hip Bag was to wear throughout all exercises. There was no need to constantly adjust it, it fit and felt comfy, and my hands were kept free to do more important things like handing out treats! 

Click on the link to check out the fantastic Happy Cow range or here to purchase your Hip Bag, choose from a beautiful range of colours and styles!


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