Alternative to walkin’ the dog

Walking the dog is one task which is bound to have all tails wagging, but a task for dog owners who often feel like it can be more of a hassle than a walk in the park to, … take their dog for a walk in the park!

From an early age I began to introduce the bike to both of my dogs for 2 reasons –

  1. I love riding
  2. I wanted to combine the love of spending time with my dogs and riding into one

As puppies we began taking them to the vacant block next door and we’d hop on the bike and ride around in big circles calling their name. Naturally, puppies have an instinct to follow the leader so training them to ‘come’ whilst they display this behavior is very easy and will also put you a step ahead in training once your pup starts to notice those tempting distractions.

We started off doing small intervals which consisted of riding, stopping and rewarding. Gradually the intervals got bigger and the dogs quickly learnt the intended behavior.

Once competent we began teaching them to ‘get behind’, a command which was taught separately and did not involve the bike, but one which was absolutely necessary to insure the safety of our dogs and other pedestrians if we were to have them join in on our rides.

Being able to ride with our dogs is great fun. It’s enjoyed by the dogs and is a fantastic alternative to the walk. Why not mix things up a bit and try something different with your dog?



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