Tell me, is your dog well trained?

Ask any dog owner and they will tell you their dog IS trained. Watch how the dog behaves and it will tell you a different story. Humans keep animals for many different reasons but mostly so they have a companion, something to look after or to fill an emptiness one may have. So when it comes to training, the word can have multiple definitions.

A well trained dog these days is one that can live up to the standards which are placed upon them by their human. Most which are very low and include being able to sit and umm…well you catch my drift.

It’s a satisfying feeling knowing you have a dog which is well trained and one which can be trusted. Training a dog helps establish that special bond of trust which is created between human and canine during the training process.

According to Jack and Wendy Volhard, authors of Dog Training for DUMMIES, their definition of a well trained dog is this –

A well trained dog is a joy to be around. He is welcome almost anywhere because he behaves around people and around other dogs. He knows how to stay, and he comes when called. He’s a pleasure to take for a walk, and he can be let loose for a romp in the park. He can be taken on trips and family outings. He is a member of the family in every sense of the word. Instead of being a slave to a leash or a line, a trained dog is truly a free dog – he can be trusted to stay when told, not to jump on people, to come when called and not to chase a cat across the road.

Would you say your dog is well trained?


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