WIN yourself a copy of Dog Training for DUMMIES

Thanks to Wiley, I have 1 copy of this fantastic dog training manual to give away!

It’s as easy as entering your details and submitting the form below. Enter as many times as you like. Good Luck!

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Learn more about Dog Training for DUMMIES.

Competition closes on Sunday 26th February.


3 responses to “WIN yourself a copy of Dog Training for DUMMIES

  1. We are constantly working with our Husky to maintain his training since he frequently likes to switch things up and ‘train’ us. It would be nice to have this book for some additional techniques to keep things interesting in his learning for him and us. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. I own a 2 year old rescue border collie named Max.
    As a puppy he didn’t get the optunity to go to puppy school or obedience lessons, so when welcoming Max into our home I have started training him from scratch my self. I research online and also have brought some books to assist me along the way, I have read great reviews on dog training for dummies and have also been recommend this book! As it is a easy simply how to guide.

    As I am training max on my own I feel this book would be a great tool for myself to Learn from, I am a keen reader and think this would play a seqnificate part in my journey with training Max.

  3. I have a 2 year old Toy Poodle and am getting a puppy soon, and wish to do alot of training with both the new pup and my 2 year old and think this book would be fantastic!

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