Valentines Day with your pooch

Loved up or not, we all wish we had someone special to share Valentines Day with. Spoiling our loved ones and making them feel amazing on this day is what we do best and it just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t include our furry friends, after all, they are the ones who give the constant, non judgemental, unconditional love we all crave!

Hugs and kisses galore just won’t do for your dog this Valentines – give them something they will really be grateful for. Here are my Valentines Day gift suggestions for your pooch –


Celebrate Valentines Day with your pooch at a local event such as this one being held at PETQuarters in NSW. Bring your dog along and have their photo taken in the kissing booth by Shoot-Ya-Pooch Pet Photography where $5 from every 8″ by 12″ print sold will be donated to Hunter Animal Rescue. A fun day out for you and your pooch and for a fantastic cause!

Click here for event information.




A card for your partner and a card for your pooch too! Hate wasting paper? Don’t worry because Crunchkins has made these ones environmentally friendly by being made edible (for dogs only). Great idea hey!? Developed by Vets – Devoured by Pets is their slogan, these treats are made from flat raw hide panels and imprinted with a non toxic ink. Check them out here.



Because all animals deserve love..

Anyone who has shared a bond with an animal will know of the unconditional love they have in unlimited amounts! Sadly, millions of animals who are trapped in Australian factory farms – who are every bit as sensitive and social as cats and dogs – are starved of this same love and affection every day.

Why not donate in your dog’s name to Animals Australia who work tirelessly to uncover the hidden horror and put an end to animal cruelty! Your dog will be forever appreciative. Click here to donate or on the above link to find out more about Animals Australia.


An expression of love and a tasty treat all in one – Pampered Pooch Parties is baking Valentines easy this year. They have a huge range of dog friendly, tasty treats for Valentines Day. Click on the link above to visit their Facebook page where you’ll find more of these delectable treats worth devouring – not for you though, only for your dog!!



Be ACTIVE with your dog this Valentines Day! Take the love outdoors and put it into something your dog enjoys. Go for a walk or run, throw a ball or frisbee or be spontaneous and make it up as you go.

This game was to see who can jump the furthest. A totally random game using natural surroundings that is enjoyed by both you and pooch!

It requires no toys and is a great game to exert energy from your hyperactive hound. Best of all it’s FREE.


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