Have a little faith

Looking for some inspiration? Look no more, I’ve found it for you.

Meet Faith – the dog who is inspiring more than just disabled war veterans.

Faith is an 8 year old Labrador cross with some fierce determination. Born with 1 front leg missing and the other so deformed it had to be amputated, Faith has more than earned her name by learning to get around on her 2 hind legs.

I am astounded by her remarkable story – Faith was rejected by her mother and saved from being smothered at just 2 weeks old. Advised by a vet that she be put to sleep due to her disability, her new family said no and gave Faith the chance that she deserved.

It took perseverance, will, determination and a whole lot of faith to get to where she is today but I’d expect nothing less from such an amazing animal. Faith now helps others by visiting disabled war veterans at army bases and hospitals.

Jaws dropped? I know, amazing right!?

A lesson – The task at hand is never as bad as it first may seem.

Learn more about Faith here Hope and love on two legs – official website


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