The 3 keys – Video

Ever tried training a dog and failed? Even at the most simplest of tricks? Tried again and again then given up believing your dog must just be dumb? I know I have and I bet even some of the worlds best dog trainers suffer the same thing from time to time.

What is it that made the last trick so easy? How come the dog can’t pick up this one. Why won’t it just do what I ask?

Unfortunately there may be times when Fido doesn’t want to co-operate, maybe he doesn’t understand or maybe you aren’t quite capturing the desired behavior. Training a dog takes patience and precision and if both are not applied then yes, both you and Fido will find it difficult.

In this video you’ll see I’ve pointed out 3 important key factors which I use every time I’m training a dog.

They are –

  1. The command
  2. The response
  3. The reward

These 3 key factors are a necessity in dog training and must be utilised at the right time to be effective and for a behavior to be learnt. When teaching a command it’s important to watch for your dogs response and reward at the exact time your dog demonstrates what it is that you want – too early and you may be rewarding an entirely different behavior – too late and your dog will have forgotten what it’s being rewarded for.

The 3 keys are also used to reinforce the behavior once it has been learnt.

Try incorporating the 3 key factors into your dog training.


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