Something missing…

It’s funny how we can take advantage of the things we’re used to having, like hot water, a comfy bed, food, a car, family & friends, pets etc. We often get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget just how fantastic it is to have all of these things. We forget to make the most them, to appreciate them and to savour them, until one day…. they’re gone.

Having spent the most part of my dogs lives, with them, every day – including every day for 1 full year whilst traveling around Australia – it really hits home for me not being able to have them around.

I’ve been in Perth for the last 2 weeks and really have not known what to do with myself. Besides the reason I came here keeping me busy, in my spare time I’m truly lost. I feel that even going for a walk or jog is pointless without having a dog by my side. My normal routine of walking, playing, training and feeding the dogs is non existent and being separated from them is something which I’m not used to.

However, I’m content knowing they are safe and in the competent hands of Joe who also dedicates much of his time ensuring their routine stays the same and that they are satisfied. He has even sent me proof of their upkeep while I’ve been away –

We may feel lost or like we are missing something when our dogs aren’t around but more likely we get worried that our dogs are missing out on something or are not coping without us.

Below are 2 photos of Ziggy which prove the last statement wrong. The first I took some time back and the second was taken by Joe just days ago. She’s doing what BC’s do best, keeping a very keen eye on the stock!

To explain the pictures –

Ziggy feels she has an important role to play and will round-up the chickens if they stray. In a controlled environment and providing she continues to listen to our verbal commands, we allow her to do this for short periods of time. This is a natural behavior for a BC. The chickens are used to having the dogs around and are not bothered by this.

This exercise is mentally draining for her and after a short time she is buggered.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that yes, we miss our dogs and yes, they miss us but more often than not they certainly will not pause their existence and wait for us to return nor will they require less attention or exercise in our absence.


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