Active Dogz in Perth continued…

The inspiration behind my last post, Active Dogz in Perth, came from right here in Perth.

While exploring some of the beautiful coastline, I came across a well-known beach, which is regularly used not only by humans but their 4 legged friends.

The first thing that surprised me was the number of dogs on the beach, the second thing was how well-behaved they all were (compared to some of the dogs you see zooming around and out of control on Redhead or Horseshoe Beach) and the third was, it was just so amazing to see so many dogs and humans just being – both together and in harmony.


The thing that sets a place like this apart from, back home in Newcastle, is the higher amount of support for dog exercise areas. What I noticed was –

  • The beach was well signed, the signs made sure everyone knew this was a beach for off lead dog exercise.
  • There were a high number of dog poo bags available and depository bins not just on entering but spread across the beach for convenience.
  • The beach was clean and inviting with no rubbish, no left over dog toys and no dog poo which ensures that those who are using the beach for other purposes are still satisfied. What a fantastic example of how to keep all members of the community happy!

Although these are only a few points, they are major things that both Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are in lack of.

You see proof, evidence and results in the dogs themselves that having freedom to be ones self does make for a more relaxed and content being.

A quick note – If you are a dog owner in either of the Newcastle or Lake Mac area please read this. YES picking up your dog’s poo by way of bagging it is the responsible thing to do but NOT if you are going to leave that bag with the poo in it on the beach or in any other area besides a bin. Come on people, seriously, if you think this is responsible well you’re wrong. The environment will be better off by you leaving it as just poo!

For a list of leash free areas in Newcastle click here or for Lake Mac click here. If anyone has any recommendations or feedback on any leash free or dog exercise areas I’d love to hear it. You can either comment or email


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