Post Christmas inspiration – don’t forget about your animals!

Wow guys! Christmas Day is over already, it came quick and was gone even quicker! I hope everyone had a fabulous day and that you all enjoyed yourselves.

Even though yesterday was Christmas for us, and a day that most of us hang out all year for, for the animals in the family, it is just another day. Animals don’t know what Christmas is or even Birthdays or Easter, all they know is that from time to time their pack wake up over excited, yelling and screaming and start making a mess everywhere by ripping up paper! Of course they feel your energy and feed of it also getting over excited and might even run to pick up one of their toys and bring it back to you to play or they start throwing it up in the air and then give it the death shake! When a dog feels your unexpected excited energy and doesn’t know what to do with it, it will usually do something totally random that will have you laughing! Sound familiar?

The inspiration for this post came to me yesterday morning when just like normal we were woken by our bird singing, then I looked into the backyard and just like normal the chickens were all lined up against the fence waiting for their breakfast and just like normal the dogs were sitting at the back door waiting to greet and be greeted and then taken on their morning adventure.

I thought this was a classic example of just how loyal our animals are. They teach you a big life lesson when every day, even on Christmas, they start the day just like normal.

Yesterday is forgotten, tomorrow is not thought about and right now they are just being.

A routine is in place (for the reliable pet owners) which keeps our animals in sync and if broken or changed they don’t understand why. A lot of different behavior problems can develop as a result of this so if you ever find yourself wondering why Fido has dug a hole, chewed his bed or killed a lizard when usually he doesn’t – you need to ask yourself, What’s changed in your routine that’s having an effect on Fido?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is not to forget about your animals on days of celebration (buying them a new toy for Xmas doesn’t count) and especially not to blame your animals when they do things you consider naughty or out of character. We first must assess ourselves and our energy and remember that dogs are pack animals so everything you do or don’t do will have an effect on them.

Love your animals and accept who they are!


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