The top 5 best gifts for your dog this Christmas – voted by my dogs!

All of us dog owners know that Christmas wouldn’t be the same without involving our four-legged buddies, so I’ve put together the top 5 best gifts you can buy for your dog this Christmas and you can feel at ease knowing all of them have been tried and tested by the very animals who will be using them – my dogs. The best part is that your money won’t go wasted. All of these products are also great for Summer and will last longer than just Christmas day! Here they are –

No 1. ShedEze by Purina is a fantastic deshedding tool. Great for this time if year when most dogs are losing their winter coats. Used just like a brush, the ShedEze is designed to remove the loose undercoat from your dog. It works great on both long and short hair dogs and leaves their top coat looking healthy and vibrant. This is a must for those dog owners who are constantly complaining about their dogs losing hair all over the place!

No 2. Tennis Ball You can’t go wrong with a few tennis balls. There aren’t many dogs who will refuse to chase one of these and you can never have too many! You can also use them for yourself to play a game of tennis or handball. Definitely the cheapest and most versatile gift on the list!

No 3. Preventic by Virbac is one of the best products I’ve used to repel against ticks and I cannot stop talking about it. Without this tick collar, both of my dogs would have suffered the effects from a Paralysis Tick. The collar prevents ticks from embedding themselves into the dogs skin to feed. You will often find them crawling upon your dogs fur. When used correctly this simple and easy collar is a sure life saver. Don’t wait until Christmas to give this one to your dogs – use it now!

No 4. Frisbee by Rogz is a no brainer for those dogs who love to chase and retrieve. This is on the top of Sanuk’s wish list but seeing as how Rogz is such good quality, we still have one in great condition that is almost 2 years old! The Rogz frisbee is the best frisbee I’ve ever thrown. Not only great for dogs but for you as well. Joe and I often head to the beach for a frisbee session of our own and it’s like playing a game of piggy in the middle for the dogs!

No 5. PAW 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo has sent my dogs skin and fur into a frenzy! I asked for a product that would clean and condition and I got more than that. PAW’s products are all natural which I love and this one is sulphate free.With a hint of Lavender & Jojoba it’s easy on the nose and great for the skin and coat. Good to use throughout the seasons, why not pair it with the ShedEze by Purina?!

Well there you have it! The top 5 best gifts voted by my dogs and I’m sure they’ll have your dogs feeling Merry! Remember that a gift for your dog doesn’t have to be a cheap stuffed toy that gets destroyed in less that 5 minutes. Buy them something they are going to get the best use out of and that is money worth spent! All of these products can be bought online so there’s no need to go rushing to the shops. Merry Christmas everyone! Keep your pets happy and safe this Christmas!


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