Rain, rain go away – games you can play with your dog inside!

I try not to let the rain bother me much, but for most people, rain equals bored. If you ask me, there are a million things you can still do in the rain if you’re prepared to get a little wet and I think the best fun is had when you just go with it!

Every dog owner should know this face

This morning I was a little hesitant when I hopped on the bike to take the dogs for a run (in the pouring rain) but not long after I had a rush go through me that made me want to shout out in excitement. I didn’t care that I was wet, I knew I had a hot shower and warm clothes waiting for me at home. I was like a little kid making the most of splashing through puddles ensuring not one bit of me stayed dry. I had a huge smile across my face and I was happy knowing the dogs would be content for the day.

If you haven’t before, you should try the above and for those of you who can’t stand even one drop of water that might make your hair go frizzy, try the fantastic advice from Oz Beauty Expert to get yourself looking great again.

I know most of you won’t listen to the above, so to benefit your poor dogs until the sun is shining again, here are some fun games you can play with your dogs inside the house.

  • Training – being cooped up inside with your dog can create the perfect opportunity to practice some training commands or teach them some new ones! As well as physical exercise, dogs also need mental exercise and this is one of the best ways to achieve this. Commands such as sit, stay, come are great for reinforcing what they already know, just be sure to limit sessions to no more than 10 minutes. Watch this video for some inspiration
  • Hide & Seek (you, toys or treats) – a fun game for both you and your dog requiring them to stay while you hide or while you hide a toy or treat and then having them seek. Hiding a treat is great because once they’ve found it they are instantly rewarded. I love hiding from my dogs and seeing their tails wag once they’ve found me. It also gives you an insight insight into how good their noses are! In this video you will see Sanuk wanting to perform another trick which I haven’t asked him to do. Note that he is not rewarded until he does what I’ve asked.
  • Interactive activity toys – toys such as kongs and treat balls are a great way for your pet to keep busy. The treats go inside the toy and your dog has to work on getting them out. Great for that food orientated dog. You can also try making your own using a plastic bottle with the lid off but if your dog wants to chew the bottle instead, take it away! Oz Pet Shop have a great range of toys at cheap prices and they deliver!

These ideas are just a few! Please try to remember that your dog also gets bored being stuck inside on rainy days. With the above ideas there should be no sad puppy faces.


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