Red Dog

Red Dog the movie

 Play Way Out West while reading this post!

Like everyone said it would, it made me cry and melted my heart, but the thing I loved most about watching Red Dog is the greater appreciation and understanding I received from it for not just Kelpies or my own dogs, but all dogs!

My dogs wandering The Pilbara

I had the privilege of traveling through The Pilbara last year and have also visited the Red Dog statue at the entrance to Dampier. The story of Red Dog is an amazing one and one that teaches all dog owners the true meaning of owning a dog…

It’s not your right to own a dog, it’s your privilege and everyone can learn a valuable lesson from a dog. If you watch the way they whole heartedly forgive and forget, not just once, but every single time. The way they just live life and get on with things. They never hold a grudge and although you try teaching them from an early age to stay with you, if you ever tried losing them you couldn’t – Carlie

Showing their loyalty, waiting for Joe

A lot of people seem to forget that, like dogs, we are also animals but to use the above to describe humans would mean I’d be lying. Now what does that teach you?

I especially love this description used in the movie –

Somebody that understands this place. Somebody that lives and breathes this vastness and desolation. Somebody that’s got red dust up their nose, in their eyes and hair and up their ass. Somebody that’s like all of us, men and women, who understand the meaning of independence and the importance of a generous heart. Mates who are loyal by nature, not design, and who know the meaning of love and loss. Somebody that represents our home. Somebody that represents The Pilbara in all of us… and I say that somebody dammit is a dog!

The picture to the left is my favorite and comes from my favorite scene in the movie!

There’s no need to use any words to describe it – just use your eyes.

Above: Koko portrays Red Dog’s spirit and mannerisms in true style.

Below: The real Red Dog.


Lastly I’d like to comment on an article which I found in The Telegraph newspaper titled “How Red Dog inspired wave of Kelpie puppy love”. Making a movie with such a love-able animal as the star can sometimes be a concern as, like the article states, there is now a high demand for puppies like Red Dog. What new dog owners need to keep in mind is that Koko endured weeks of training by a professional in preparation for his role in the movie. Kelpies are a very smart dog but as a working dog they require not only an extreme amount of physical exercise but also mental. Anyone who is wanting to become an owner of such a high energy dog should be prepared and willing to put in the effort so that the dog is and stays content. The upkeep of a dog should never become a chore! View the article here.


2 responses to “Red Dog

  1. Hey Carlz luv the site, made me very appreciative for millie, i always was but when the boys were born she went under the radar which i promised she never would. She isn’t quite george or nuk but she is mine and you can tell she is mine ha ha. I luv her

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