Barking up the wrong tree

Does your dog bark? Is it mostly in the night? At the postman? or perhaps it doesn’t stop barking!

The most common misconception I hear from dog owners is that their dog is constantly barking for no reason – let me tell you all… there is ALWAYS a reason, always, always,always!

Dog’s bark frequently and in many different situations – it’s a natural behaviour for them. Barking is one way a dog will communicate and they use a different bark for different situations. The types of barking you might hear from your dog are Warning/ Alarm bark, Playful/ Excited bark, Barking on command, which Sanuk has kindly demonstrated via the link below, and the most common the Need bark (attention, anxiety, boredom).

The bark command.

You can also train your dog to stop barking.

The Need bark is by far the most ignored by dog owners and becomes the most frustrating and complained about as it’s usually consistent and all day or night. There are products available on the market such as citronella collars which are used to minimise barking but these products are only a short-term solution and will never remove the underlying cause for barking.

To help cure & prevent your dogs excessive barking, YOU need to make some changes. I believe the solution lies within physical and mental stimulation so, stop being so lazy and exercise your dog (this means taking them out of the yard). Not just today or tomorrow, EVERY DAY and Rain, Hail or Shine! The most common reason for barking is frustration from built up energy. Other ways dogs may show this is by chasing their tail, digging or chewing.

You can also mentally challenge your dog by playing games and doing tricks. Tricks don’t need to be fancy and can be as simple as sit, stay, come!

  • Do not ever discipline a dog for barking by hitting it!
  • Do not ever pat or comfort a dog whilst it is barking, by doing this you are rewarding the behaviour and therefore encouraging it.
  • Do not shout. Constantly shouting at your dog for barking will make it ignore you plus if it had any idea what you were saying don’t you think it would stop.

A top reason why dogs get given away, dumped or put to sleep is because of barking and similar behaviours caused by frustration – all which can be prevented!

Please, if you have a dog remember you’ve made a committment.


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