Fun with a capital F… for Frisbee

Well the weekend weather was up and down and even though it had no idea what it was doing, we knew exactly where we were heading…straight to the beach of course!

Although it was windy, we still made the most of it and had some great fun with the frisbee.

An Active Dog is a Happy Dog & if you don't believe it here is the evidence!

We started using the Rogz Frisbee about 3 years ago and the dogs can’t bark highly enough of it. It’s made from a durable foam rubber and is very light compared with the hard plastic ones available. With 3 different size holes cut out through the middle it’s easy for any dog to pick up and carry and it lasts for ages as long as it’s not given to your dog for an everyday chew toy! The thing we love most about it is that it’s a great frisbee to throw and Joe and I have just as much fun!

Rogz biggest fan!

His favourite toy by far because he gets to run fast and catch it in the air.

Rogz Frisbee’s have been hard to find at Pet Supply stores in Newcastle, your best bet would be the internet – buy one here.


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