Remembering Balthazar

Here is where the inspiration came from to write my last post titled Swimming – a simple command for your Dog.

Our friends who reside in the Northern Territory have recently had to experience the tragic loss of one of their best mates – Balthazar. He was suddenly taken by a Croc whilst swimming in a Creek.

Not only has it had a devastating impact on them but also on Balthazar’s pal Tybalt.

Emma would like to say this –

“Dear all, we all know the Crocs up here outnumber us humans but living with them every day makes us forget the danger. Tonight my beautiful dog Balthazar got taken in front of Josh at Two Fella Creek. He was the best dog in the world and I don’t know what I’ll do now. Please, please keep your dogs out of the water”.

This is no fault of Josh or Emma, like Emma said, sometimes you just forget the danger. Some great news to come from such a tragedy is that Emma has contacted Parks and Wildlife and they have agreed to put a Croc trap in the area. In an area like this that is often being used by people the Crocs are trapped and removed.

Remembering Balthazar


3 responses to “Remembering Balthazar

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  2. Hey Em! Don’t blame yourself! In the time we were staying with you we didn’t see 1 Croc so I can see how easy it is to forget. I’m so sorry for your loss, I can not imagine how hard it must have been for you both xo

  3. Thanks for this Carlie. I’d hate for anyone else to go through this. Wish I’d spent time training them to stay out of the water. Good luck with your blog darling xx

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