Ticks are coming

It’s nearing that time again, when ticks are becomming more present. Living on the East Coast and being surrounded by bush means I need to check my dogs over daily.

Below are detailed descriptions and pictures showing the stages of the 3 main types of ticks found in Australia, examine each one carefully as the Paralysis Tick and Bush Tick can often be confused.

A product that I love to use and swear by, not only during the hotter months but all year round, is the Preventic collar by Virbac. I have found that whilst my dogs are wearing Preventic, ticks find it more difficult to attach and feed off them. If there is a tick present I usually find it crawling on the top of their head or around their face. I have 2 very active dogs who love to play in the water so I simply remove the collar before they get wet and place it back on once they are dry.

Click here to visit Virbac for more information on the Preventic collar. If you have used Preventic please leave feedback in the comment section by clicking here.

It’s time to really watch out for these sneaky little creatures and for dog owners to check your dogs over daily. Never rely 100% on a tick prevention product.


2 responses to “Ticks are coming

  1. Pet Protector discs will protect your dog against fleas and ticks (yes paralysis too) for up to two years without using chemicals or drugs. Like any other preventive, you must not become complacent, and still need to check your dog regularly. Pet Protector offers 95% effectiveness against all external parasites and costs only $49.90 for 2 years protection.

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